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Closed June 8, 2022
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  1. Winning Losing Won Lost Watching Available in aftersale  
    E43, Lot 246:

    UNITED STATES. Morgan dollar. 38 mm. 1882 S. Third reverse. PCGS MS 65.

  2. Winning Losing Won Lost Watching Available in aftersale  
    E43, Lot 248:

    UNITED STATES. $1 Silver Certificate. 1899. Fr. 235m. PCGS Fine 12.

  3. Winning Losing Won Lost Watching Available in aftersale  
    E43, Lot 249:

    UNITED STATES. $20 Federal Reserve Note. Chicago. 1914. Fr. 991B. PCGS Very Fine 25.

  4. Winning Losing Won Lost Watching Available in aftersale  
    E43, Lot 250:

    UNITED STATES. A collection of 14 Hard Times Tokens in a Capital Plastic holder.

    Left to right, from top to bottom:

    •ANDREW JACKSON. L. 3. HT 5. W-09-35B. (VF20 $250) Good VF.

    •RUNNING BOAR. L. 8. HT 9. W-10-210a. (EF40 $60) Toned EF+.

    •JACKSON/ JACKASS. L. 12. HT 25. W-10-310a. (EF40 $75) EF.

    •EXECUTIVE FINANCIERING. L. 20. HT 34. W-11-540a". (AU50 $75). AU.

    •"I TAKE THE RESPONSIBILITY." L 51. HT 70. W-10-320A. (AU50 $75) AU.

    •AM I NOT A WOMAN…". L. 54. HT 81. W-11-720a. (EF40 $300) EF.

    •LOCO FOCO. L. 55. HT 63. W-11-430a (EF40 $200) EF.

    •VAN BUREN. L 56. HT. 75. W-12-10a. (EF40 $150). EF, holed as made.

    •"NOT ONE CENT" L. 59. HT 17. W-11-290a. (AU50 $90, MS63 $250) Glossy Unc.

    •VAN BUREN/ WEBSTER SHIP. L. 62. HT 20. W-11-630a. (EF40 $40). EF.

    •VAN BUREN/WEBSTER. L. 60. HT 18. W-11-610a. (EF40 $50) EF.

    •HENRY CLAY. L. 192. HT 79. (EF $120--Rulau). Toned EF, weak reverse center.

    •BEEHIVE. HT 83 (R4) (Recent sales for comparable pieces in the $380-425 range.) Choice AU.

    •A FRIEND TO THE CONSTITUTION. L. 66. HT 24. W-11-240a. (F12 $100) Fine, die cud, minor edge marks.

    An attractive collection with some better pieces like the anti-slavery "AM I NOT A WOMAN" piece in toned EF and the nearly Uncirculated and rare "Beehive" token...

    (Most of the values listed are estimates from the 2015 Whitman publication A Guide Book of Hard Times Tokens by Q. David Bowers)

  5. Winning Losing Won Lost Watching Available in aftersale  
    E43, Lot 268:

    Two important references on the Scottish series by the then coin curator in Edinburgh

    •Richardson, A. Scottish Coins, A new edition of the Catalogue of Scottish Coins in the National Museum of Antiquities, Edinburgh. 1977 reprint of a work first published in 1901. 396 pages plus 12 plates. Octavo. Blue cloth covers, gold stamped titles and images.

    •Richardson, A. A Handbook to the Coinage of Scotland, giving a description of every variety issued by the Scottish mint in gold silver billon and copper, from Alexander I to Anne Stuart, with an introductory chapter on the implements and processes employed. Reprint. Chicago. 1968. 146 pages including Index, some illustrations in text

    Both almost as new but for a bit of bending on the upper corners on the first volume

    Also, a selection of card covered books/booklets on Scottish coins:

    •Bateson, D. Scotttish Coins. Shire Publications. 32 pages, illustrations in text. (A useful history and background of the series)

    •Holmes, N. Scottish Coins, A history of small change in Scotland. National Musem of Scotland, 1988. 112 pages. (Excellent economic and numismatic history by the Curator of Numismatics at the museum.)

    •Holmes, N. The Edinburgh Mint and its Coinage. City of Edinburgh Museums. 1982. 39 pages with photos in text.

    •Metcalf, D. M. Coinage in Medieval Scotland (1100-1600). British Archaeological Reports 45. 1977. 198 pages. Quarto.

    •Smart, V. The Coins of St. Andrews. St. Andrews University Library. 1991. 41 pages. (St. Andrews was an important mint early in the history of Scottish coinage.)

    •Sweeney, P. The Coinage of Scotland, a select bibliography. Glasgow. 1983. (An extensive bibliograhy of 193 references plus 13 books.

    Very Good. Useful mini-library




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