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In a time when coin shows have disappeared it seems just right to offer a collection that was formed from coins bought at coin shows by a very serious collector. Freeman Craig Sr. was an Army Air Force navigator who flew 50 missions from North Africa into Italy during World War II. During the Depression his parents had a grocery-gas station-repair shop business and he was able to collect “Indian Pennies.” The war interrupted his life but when he came back, he took up collecting again.

His numismatic achievements and contributions make a long list. He was active at coin clubs, helped organize the Texas Numismatic Association, invested in a major coin firm, and formed collection concentrations from all over the world.  His collection of 25 hammered coins covering English kings from Cnut to Henry VIII was one of those specializations. It looks to have been formed entirely by contacts at coin shows. The names of the dealers are familiar to all of us who were active coin show participants in the 1980s and 1990s. Charlie Wolfe in particular is legendary as a source for serious hammered.


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