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Contretemps—an unusual word that I have never found a use for in opening notes for a coin/medal catalog, until now. Usually anything that merits minting metal is of some significance. The protests of some disgruntled theater fans over two centuries ago seems small stuff for medalists to mark. But no other word (except perhaps “kerfuffle”) could be more apt to describe theatre-goer unhappiness at ticket price increases after the restoration of the burned-to-the-ground Covent Theatre. You can see the medals that resulted (212-214, “The Old Price Riots”) at the end of this sale.

In the process of getting there you will see the range of coins that mark more significant times and peoples through the centuries. Gold for a Scottish king, copper marking the aspirations of towns and kingdoms and colonies in the ancient world, a few masterpieces of ancient Greek art in silver, ancient silver coins depicting Greek gods and Roman emperors and would-be emperors like Mark Antony. Also look for many connections to wine and grapes, classic urns, and mythological stories of satyrs.


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