Welcome to E-Auction 16!

Welcome to E-Auction 16! Our largest E-Auction to date, this sale includes a broad selection of ancient Greek and Roman, British hammered and milled, tokens, and much more.

In the ancient section we have a scarce electrum hemihekte (lot 1), an Athenian owl with an uncommonly choice reverse (lot 13), and some choice small denomination Greek silver. The Roman section is highlighted by a Julius Caesar denarius (lot 23), and includes both affordable examples of rare pieces and choice examples of less common coins.
A few Byzantine folles precede the Celtic Britain, which then leads into a strong section of Anglo-Saxon including a Burgred penny (lot 59), and an Anglo-Viking penny of Cnut (lot 60). There are many attractive British hammered and milled coins, including a Charles I crown (lot 89) and a couple choice George III halfcrowns (lots 96 and 98).
The highlight of this sale is the expansive token section, featuring 63 token lots in uncommon condition. One of the most striking pieces (Middlesex 144, lot 125) is featured on the cover of the print catalog.
The sale concludes with a few US Commemorative half dollars, some intriguing 17th century jetons, a very unusual (and large) grey metal cast (lot 184), a couple full and half-sovereign scales (lots 185 and 186), and a pair of high-quality handmade coin cabinets (lots 187 and 188).

We hope you find some things of interest. Please feel free to contact us with any questions, to discuss lots, and to place bids. As always, enlargements of all photos are available online.

Allan, Marnie, & Lief Davisson
Friday, June 10, 2016


How Bidding Works


Davissons Ltd uses a soft close for its auctions, which means no lot closes until everyone is done bidding. Every time a bid is placed within the final 40 seconds of a lot closing, the timer is reset to 40 seconds. This continues until no bids are placed for 40 seconds, at which point the lot closes. There will never be more than one lot closing at once, as the next lot is not allowed to begin closing until the current lot closes.

To bid: enter your maximum bid into the text box, and click submit. Only round dollar amounts are accepted. You are then required to confirm your bid. Once confirmed, all bids are final. If you have placed a bid in error you must call during office hours and speak to one of us. If you are the current high bidder then it will display “Current High Bidder: YOU” If you are not the high bidder, or if you are not logged in, then the current high bidder will be identified by their 5 digit client ID. You may find your client ID under the Account tab.

Bids are reduced automatically, so feel free to bid your maximum and it will be reduced to one increment over the current high bid. If a user places a bid that is higher than necessary to be the current high bidder on the lot, the displayed bid will reflect one advance over the next lower bid. For example, if a user "A" places a bid of $120 on a lot which opens at $100, "A" will be winning that lot at $100. If another user "B" bids $110, the winning bidder will be "A" at $120, one advance over the supporting bid of $110. If user "B" in this example instead placed a bid at $120, then user "A" will still be winning at $120 because they placed that maximum bid value first.

Increments can be viewed here. The next bid will always be on the next increment, so if a user is winning a lot at $100, or $105, or $109, the next bid will still always be $110.

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