Welcome to E-Auction 15!

This auction features an interesting and varied ancient section -- from a lovely hemidrachm portraying Cleopatra VII as Aphrodite (lot 9), to a small and interesting group of Roman Egypt coins, including a particularly choice and scarce Augustus 40 drachms (lot 15), and a rare Gallienus billon tetradrachm with a reverse of Selene (lot 24). A few nicely patinated Byzantine folles and a few beautiful Celtic horses then lead us into the British section, which starts strong with attractive pennies of Coenwulf (lot 40), Edward the Elder (lot 41), and Eadgar (lot 42). With the milled coinage there is a Charles I crown with an especially intriguing mintmark (harp over rose over feathers, lot 64), and also a few select Maundy sets (lots 72, 80, & 82). In tokens Allan has assembled a choice collection from the Churches and Gates series (lot 89 to 98), a broadstruck halfpenny with thematic ties to American colonial patriots (lot 100), and a discovery piece with an unlisted plain edge (lot 104). The sale closes with a few fascinating little world pieces from Canada, Columbia, and Egypt, a Napoleonic medal, and a rare great wax seal of Victoria so large that the photo could only fit on the back cover of the print catalog (and even then at 1/3rd actual size!).

We hope you find some things of interest. Please feel free to contact us with any questions, to discuss lots, and to place bids.

Allan, Marnie, & Lief Davisson
Friday, April 22, 2016


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