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The End of the Western Roman Empire
E-Auction 44 Lot 101

OSTROGOTHS. Municipal coinage of Rome. 526-534. Æ 40 nummi – follis. 12.94 gm. 28 mm. Class 2. Heavy series. Rome mint, 5th officina. Helmeted and draped bust of Roma right; IMVICTA ROMA / She-wolf standing left, head lowered right, suckling the twins Romulus and Remus; XL (mark of value) above, • V • in exergue. Metlich, COI 82. MIB 70. Cf. MEC 1, 93-95. Good Very Fine; dark brown patina. Clear and well struck on problem-free flan with a rich brown patina. There are faint indications of cleaning, as is common with pieces from this era. Particularly choice for issue. Rare, and of considerable historical interest.

Includes David Sear certificate of authenticity, with in depth notes discussing the context and significance of this issue.

Though under control of the Ostrogoths the Roman Senate was briefly allowed renewal of the Senate privilege of minting in bronze. They chose particularly forceful Roman imagery for this short-lived issue. This is a rare and historic piece that seldom shows up in decent condition. Most sold in recent years are notably inferior in strike and state of preservation compared to this piece.

For further background please see this article written by Allan for an earlier email sent to our mailing list.

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