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    E30, Lot 179:

    UNITED STATES. Panama Canal Completion. Bronze "So Called Dollar" 38 mm. 1914. Ornate design depicting boat passing through Canal, classic female figure standing on prow, long rays from head and shoulders, arms outstretched, hands on two world globes showing the eastern and western hemispheres; on ribbon across body, "Columbia Unites the Oceans" in Latin; above on ribbons, PROSPERITY TO ALL NATIONS / At top, Seal of Canal Zone; legend describing the significance of the medal in the context of the opening of the Panama Canal; serial number 14146 at bottom (all were serially numbered) ONE OF 50000 CARRIED ON THE VESSEL MAKING THE FIRST PASSAGE THROUGH THE PANAMA CANAL (etc.) HK 398. NGC MS 64; "richly original surfaces and strong visual appeal" Marks in reverse photo are in plastic, not coin.

    Ex Stacks Bowers Baltimore Auction (November 2017) lot 283, realized $228.

    This medal was carried on the boat making the first ocean-to-ocean passage through the Panama Canal.

    The medallic history of America is rich and varied. History, wars, commerce, the arts—just about every aspect of the American experience has been marked by medals. “So called dollars” are one major chapter—medals issued at or near the size of a dollar and subsequently catalogued by Hibbler and Kappen (thus “HK” numbers) who issued a detailed volume describing “medals of an exposition, commemorative, monetary and kindred nature.”



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