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Welcome to Auction 42

The fifty-five Anglo-Saxon lots in this sale represent a major offering in this series, and are the heart of the collection formed by Patrick Zabel, a committed and scholarly collector who was active in the latter part of the 20th century. That was a time when metal detectors were bringing finds to the market helping to make this historic series accessible to a broader range of collectors than had been possible a few decades earlier. The pieces offered here include three gold thrymsas, an impressive run of high grade and rare sceats, as well as pennies representing twenty-four different rulers or issuers of Anglo-Saxon pennies. 

I knew Pat Zabel from many telephone conversations and from meeting him in person during trips through Texas with a small cohort of fellow professional numismatists in the 1990s. Pat was a dedicated collector with a strong scientific background, a good eye for quality and a broad range of numismatic interests. He sought quality in all his purchases and our invoices from that era show that some of the best coins we handled went to him. His Anglo-Saxon collection was his most significant area of interest but he was fascinated by other areas too. Living little more than a couple of hours from Mexico on Interstate 35, he also had an interest in Spanish American coins. Several pieces in this auction continue our presentation of that part of his collection, featured in our last e-auction. His interest in Spanish issues carried over into Ancient Greece in the form of Punic Spain and North Africa.


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